Services | What We Do


• Trans-disciplinary research + concept development
• Identify and Secure Artists and Artworks
• Proposal Design
• Curate Site-specific Artworks
• Consult on Art Placement
• Artwork Loan Agreements and Purchasing
• Oversee Artwork Reproduction, Fabrication and Install
• Production: from inception to final implementation, management of all phases of the project
• Oversight of event planning, coordination of PR efforts 


• Transdisciplinary research + concept development
• Conceptualize Scope of Artist + Brand Collaboration
• Identify and Secure Artists for Collaboration
• Proposal Design
• Liaise with Artists on Artwork Commissions
• Coordinate Launches, Reveals, and Press Events
• Maintenance of Artwork and Site Relationships


• Conceptualize Scope of Art Activation
• Define Goals and Art Activation Potential
• Identify and Secure Artists for Programming
• Develop Program Calendar and Timeline
• Execute Installations and Related Events
• Optional Ongoing Program Develop

All Services Include Budget, Permit, Signage, Marketing, Contract, Insurance, and Documentation Guidance.