Schellow’s Kifissos at the Casablanca Biennale

Our beloved “Kifissos” animated documentary continues its journey and will be featured at the 4ème Biennale Internationale Casablanca 2018.  The 4th International Biennial of Casablanca is led by artistic director Christine Eyene, entitled Tales from Water Margins and developed in collaboration with a curatorial committee composed of Dr. Ethel Brooks, Yasmina Naji, Ema Tavola and Françoise Vergès.  The biennale will bring together more than forty Moroccan and international artists whose work explore narratives stemming from insular contexts and relationships to tributaries, seas and oceans from a historical and contemporary perspective. Addressing issues of displacement, journey, cultural migration and hibridity, the theme of the biennial echoes  a number of contemporary issues to which the artists are responding through a diversity of creative forms.

KIFISSOS is an exploration along Athens’ Kifissos River, which, as an actual urban environment, has nearly disappeared. The river’s material and imaginary ‘presence’ in daily life is researched, along with the related strategies of remembering, forgetting and actualizing. By that the project reconstructs the flow of the river through the perceptions and practices that preserve this former reference line of Athens’ cartography as an urban reality – despite its eradication through urban planning.

From October 27 to December 2, 2018, Casablanca will be host to those shared narratives in a number of emblematic venues across the white city.

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