White Butterflies | Milan Rai

Milan Rai installs white butterflies everywhere in the city…it could be a broken and time-battered crossway, a fragmentary wall, a busy street or a tree trunk along the pavement. He uses white butterflies in his installations as a symbol of pure transformation and hope. He believes that every individual, like a butterfly, has the power to transform themselves and when this transformation happens collectively, we can observe miracles in their truest form.He started by creating a ‘Butterfly City’.

Now, he wants his butterflies to travel around the globe, creating a ‘Butterfly World’ – spreading the message of hope, the power to transform ourselves and our surroundings, creating a world that is aware and ready to tap into its inner power and lift itself from the daily drudgery and for once open its eyes and see how wonderful and miraculous it is… and indeed live life like a butterfly …cherishing each fleeting moment for as long as it exists. If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies. Some truth can be as simply put as the sentence above. Milan Rai, a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal, understood this and decided to do something about it.

Before the ‘White Butterfly’ movement propelled him into the attention of media and activism, he was an artist who lived a quiet life in search of finding ways to bring art to the public. The concept of a ‘Butterfly City’ was a beautiful coincidence. While working on an entirely different project with new ideas in his studio, a fluttering butterfly landed on Milan’s paintbrush.



 The Athens Municipality


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