Project Nero | Neraki

In 2011, two pilot workshops were run by German Visual Artist, Alexander Schellow, Environmental Interpreter, Valya Stergioti, and GAIA CENTRE Education Officer, Sophia Louzi in Athens, Greece. These pilots were evaluated in the fall to then be proposed as part of the country’s educational program. Neraki is dedicated to children (ages 9-11) living in neighborhoods on the fringes of the Kifissos River.

The workshop blends the visual arts and music with environmental issues, focusing on the Kifissos Riverand putting us in a unique position to implement and develop a new interpretative program, to inspire, educate and motivate children to understand and respect the environment. By using art and interactive games, the workshop deepens children’s understanding of basic sciences and environmental stewardship, by encouraging imagination, innovation and play with direct engagement and enjoyment to promoting learning. Our aims are to bring awareness to young children regarding the issues surrounding the Kifissos River (its current problems, as well as its previous beauty and natural wealth to offer possible solutions) and to trigger children’s imaginations to create an alternate reality of the river.


Athens + Volos Greece, May- July 2011

Athens Municipality
The Goulandris Museum of Natural History
The 4th District High School and seventh Board Primary School, Athens (Greece)
Volos Municipality Greece
Volos National Primary Public School

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