iPoetics | Seth Indigo Carnes

iPoetics is a visual poetry app that combines movable text with photographic imagery, merging your journal,camera and pen into one. Take a picture and write anything you feel, whether a poem, one word or a caption Or start with text and add an image later. At the touch of a finger, words playfully collide and interact, giving a physical feeling and connection as you scale, rotate, lift and drop them during the creative process. IPoetics is flexible and saves your work as you create, ready to be shared anytime via email, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

iPoetics is created by Seth Indigo Carnes, an artist based in New York City. The project began in 2007 with physical,interactive poetry installations made up of steel plates and magnetic texts. Shown in Sweden, Miami, the Napa Valley and New York City, these and other, R&D works informed ideation of the app. With art installation and software development, Poetics explores the concept of an infinitely editable, object oriented poetry. This successful Kickstarter project, selected by Wired + Mercedes for its Fueling Innovation series, is now a part of the NYU-Poly Incubator program.


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