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When TED Prize winner, JR announced his wish to turn the world “Inside Out,” inviting people around the globe to share a photo portrait along with a statement about what they stand for, MELD | Athens decided to participate inviting six Greek photographers, including Adamantios Kafetzis, Alexandros Voutsas, Ioanna Ralli, Ryme63/StateofMind, Stavros Makris and Yiannis Chiotopoulos to create face-to-face portraits of children from privileged and un-privileged social backgrounds living in Athens.  These portraits will be posted as diptychs in public spaces in central Athens on October 15th, 2011, as a parallel event as part of TEDxAcademy, which took place on October 10th, 2011.

“We believe this time of financial uncertainty and individual and collective despair has brought us to a moment of truth, and thus an opportunity to reconsider the intrinsic value of artistic practice as a cultural catalyst to provoke change.  As economical and social tensions rise in Athens, there is an absolute need for communication and understanding of the “other.” Through mutual respect and compassion, the photographers will create a bridge and engage the respective communities for the group action. Here, it is essential to emphasize that the process of obtaining consent for the portraits and the posting is as important, if not more so, than the pictures themselves. With more than 60 children participating, this project is an opportunity to try to de-mystify the concept of “the other” and thus humanize every individual, whatever their ethnicity or social class may be.“

Inside Out | Athens Group Action: Eyes of Truth was inspired to participate in JR’s TED Prize wish to demonstrate our community’s commitment to the importance of embracing the other.  Choosing to photograph children is a reminder that we are a collective group of people having a responsibility to communicate as a means of understanding one another.  Through this group action, we hope to bring awareness to issues including immigration, integration and child trafficking, among others and unite the citizens of Athens as a collective of humankind.  It is an extraordinary opportunity to join forces and engage with others around the world by adding our voices to this global dialogue.


Guerilla Action, downtown Athens (Greece), 2011

TEDxAcademy, Athens, 2011
PECHA KUCHA, Heraklion, Crete, 2012
TEDXAlsace, Mulhouse, France, 2012

Medecins du Monde
Local Volunteers
Athens Ukranian Community Center
Athens Public Immigration Services



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