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During this time of accelerated globalization and rapid changes in our environment, people in countries around the world are being affected in different ways. Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to share the human stories that unite us as world citizens. Via French artist, JR’s, Inside Out Project, 17 cities around the world have joined forces in a Global Action called BE THE CHANGE. The aim of this action is to bring awareness to the issues we want to change, make citizens aware of their responsibilities and capacity to contribute to the changing world, and inspire creative solutions to make these changes possible! We believe this change must come from within each individual in order for us to move forward collectively and bring about positive change worldwide. 

The 17 participating cities have each taken 250 portraits, which will be printed, sorted and shipped to each country. An equal number of the 250 portraits will be redistributed within each country so that when the portraits are pasted on the walls, we will all be standing shoulder to shoulder as global citizens. In the end, BE THE CHANGE will include almost 5,000 portraits as part of this “global photographic ex-change.” 

On Friday, September 21st, 2012, in honor of World Peace Day, the participants and local communities in each city were invited to gather in a simultaneous evening “gesture” event to write the word PEACE using a portion of the portraits to officially launch the BTC posting on Saturday. Those in attendance will have an opportunity to engage in a dialogue based on sharing and collaboration, using art as a catalyst for social change. 

Be the Change, A Global Inside Out Project, presents a photography book compiling more than 1000 images capturing the BTC | IOP Action that took place simultaneously in 26 cities around the world on September 21st, 2012. Be the Change is the story in images of diverse communities working together, regardless of their cultural, social and racial differences, to collaborate in a global project. 

The book is an archive of photographic and conceptual messages about positive Change from thousands of citizens who believe in the power of art to change the world.  Hundreds of acclaimed and amateur photographers around the world donated their time to make this project possible. The ephemeral nature of street art only allows us to record this action in the format of a book to remain not only a source of inspiration, but also a testimony of a successful experience of global volunteer work dedicated to positive Change. It was natural in this context to produce the book in-house with a team of amazing volunteers. 


September, 2012


Public Outdoor Locations throughout the following cities: Alamata (Ethiopia), Athens (Greece), Austin (Texas), Aveiro (Portugal), Bandung (Indonesia), Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney & Woodford (Australia), Casablanca (Morocco), El Paso, (TX, USA), Campeche, Juarez, Leon and DF (Mexico), Lima (Peru), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Mulhouse (France), New York, NY (USA), Nicosia (Cyprus), Santiago (Chile), Seoul, (South Korea).Tunis (Tunisia). 

ERT Greek Public TV, “What about Poverty?”, 2012 

Athens Municipality
American Embassy to Greece

Common Room
Peace One Day
Grand Bretagne Hotel (Athens, Greece)

Inside Out Project


TEDx Chapters: TEDxAlsaceTEDxAveiro (Portugal), TEDxBandung, TEDxDF (Mexico), TEDxMadrid, TEDxNicosia, TedxAcademy and TEDxPatagonia


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