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There is still hope for change. Change in a society that desperately shrieks for diversity. In a world where everyone is trying to overcome alienation. However, there are the youngsters. A generation that denies that society is inevitably transforming into a dried-up river that lacks the inspiration hope. They are the dreamers. Their vision, our vision, is to fill our lives with enthusiasm and motivation to awaken and sensitize our fellow human beings.

The change will arise from within, and its influence can transcend borders and be heard. Because we, as the young have a mission and our mission starts here. We connect, we volunteer, we try to be the change we wish to see in this world and to convert it in what we want and deserve and not what we are given; by ignoring every obstacle, by surpassing our limits and by giving our hands and connecting our young souls. The young team of BE THE CHANGE, invited the community to Platia Klafmonos in Athens on June 22nd, 2013 to hear what we have to say and to connect with our vision and to help us change the world by using our creativity. You will come across numerous young people that try every day to be part of a world of creativity through art, music, science, etc. We are not afraid to show our determination and you can become a helping hand in this magnificent process!!

Be the Change Youth Action includes a series of 100 portraits from the major global action and another 100 portraits on the grounds of young inspirational leaders in Athens.


Platia Klafmonos, Athens, 2013

Municipality of Athens

Be the Change Youth CONCERT LINE-UP

Big East Bang (Jump Around Set) (Czech Republic, Hungary)
Mamacita on fire (Greece)
Vinyl Suicide (Greece)
Hior Chronik (Live Set)

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