10 +10 +10 = 1

10 Artists +10 Scholars +10 Films = 1 Planet,  sets out to showcase a series of moving images pieces which will then be projected in public venues and against natural landscapes and cityscapes around the world. The diverse practices presented in “10 + 10 + 10 = 1,” will not just passively lament the degradation of our planet, or only provide sound technical solutions. Instead, these ten “projects” will actively articulate the contradictions and responsibilities that we encounter personally, and as a global society. Here, art does not necessarily proclaim a “correct” ethical or green solution but allows the possibility for broadening and analyzing our perceptions and actions. It sets a critical attitude into motion that not only intervenes and infiltrates but re-interprets and decodes humans’ relationship to the natural environment, as well as to each other.

10+10+10=1 is inspired by the idea of creating micro think-tanks, pairing a visual artist and a scholar/scientist to address pertinent issues concerning our changing environment. Teams of two will engage in an extended dialogue and develop this concept over the course of a second phase in the format of an artwork. To date, we have confirmed the first two teams of artists and scholars who have begun the dialogue portion of the project.


Team 1: Cynthia Rosenzweig + Shaun Gladwell (Development Phase)
“A Climate Change Opera Proposal”
Shortlisted for The Space | UK and nominated + finalist for the COAL PRIZE | COPArt21


Team 2:
Janaina Tschäpe + Wade Davis (in progress)

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