Atelier MELD


In 2010, when Corinne contacted Yvonne to create an art project involving art and science focusing on climate change, the conversation quickly took off.  We were both at a crossroads in our lives and were  deeply affected by the state of the world.  We both questioned our paths – we wanted to wake up in the morning inspired by the possibilities of a new day and go to sleep with a feeling of accomplishment. We decided to break loose from our respective traditional professional lives and discover new forms of communication and storytelling, while finding the balance between the respect for our professional lives and our human and natural environments.

We started to dream and realized very quickly that our dreams should just be our lives!  We decided to follow our hearts and created MELD – more than just a platform, a way of life. Throughout this journey, we both believe that inorder to inspire and trigger awareness, you have to live by example. We made a point to integrate an eco-friendly approach to all our operations, doing everything to contribute and inspire sustainability within our communities and our planet.


Since 2010, we have been serving our international community across Europe and the Americas, based between Athens, Paris and Marbella. The rise of new technologies has pushed us to depart from the traditional office model and consider new thriving opportunities: connecting the world … everywhere!  Most of our work is based on communication and taking into consideration the new tools at our reach, we began to question the need for a physical office space. We learned that buildings take up to 40% of the world energy sources!

When we decided to create MELD, Corinne was based in New York and Paris and I was in the Greece. Distance was not going to be an obstacle in our journey. It was natural for us to think of Atelier MELD as a mobile agency without walls and physical limitations: climate change is not a local issue with physical limits, it is a global phenomenon affecting every corner of the planet, hence the planet became our office where we could collaborate to provoke change!


The wonderful thing about Atelier MELD is that we are extremely connected to each other though our work every day, but we have united many international communities creating an invaluable network of like-minded collaborators and clients that embrace the idea of sustainability are guided by similar principles locally and globally. This network has allowed us to highlight and work with talented individuals, companies and organizations around the world and create sustainable partnerships with smaller local businesses and individuals.  


Being an eco-friendly business also involves being intentional about the projects we take on. We want to ensure that our collaborators and business partners are doing what they can to reduce strain on our environment. Our community is a curated group that makes a positive impact on the world, where being “eco” does not just mean doing something great for the environment, but involves a commitment to building better communities.